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Oct. 31st, 2005

Christy B&W Mirror


Halloween Card Contest Update

The contest is closed on the official site now - but judging will continue until November 7th - just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to all that entered!!! :)

Oct. 17th, 2005

Christy Smirk


New Photos

There are new photos all over the official site - in the concert gallery, and the fan-art and fan-photos galleries - check em out. :)

Oct. 15th, 2005

Christy Sweater Serious


Updates on the Official Site

Two updates today on the official web site;

One, Christy updated her personal journal - seems she's volunteering at a Goodwill in WI - though she's on break. I think that's pretty awesome, even when she's taking a "vacation", she still finds time to give something of herself to those in need. :) (Go HERE, then click on "Latest News", then "MY JOURNAL" to read the update.)

Also, there are some new icons on the downloads page, designed from the photo shoot Christy did just about a month ago. :) (Go HERE, then click on "Multimedia", then "DOWNLOADS" to see the new icons.)

Oct. 12th, 2005

Christy Romano LOOK


Latest Christy News

There are new pictures added to the "Photo Shoots, Events and More" gallery on the official site - PLUS, there are new bookmarks and a new November 2005 desktop wallpaper on the downloads page (in the Multimedia area)... check them out!!

Make sure you get your entries in for the Halloween Card Contest that the official site is running - the prizes are pretty awesome! The entries will be accepted until October 30th.

Keep an eye on your local CLUB LIBBY LU store - the Rock Star Chewy stuffed animal will be going on sale soon!! By purchasing this item you will be helping sheltered animals through "The Humane Society". For more information - or to find the CLUB LIBBY LU nearest you, check out THIS SITE.

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